Our fee structure is based on centre based care.

Terrey Hills ELC has a 2-day attendance policy at the service. 

This ensures that all children are given the opportunity to fully engage in the learning programs and gain the most out of their learning experiences and social and emotional development. 

All fees are payable via Direct Debit on a fortnightly basis, commencing on the first week of your child’s enrolment. 

Fees are as follows:

      • 0-2yrs – $150/day
      • 2-3yrs – $142/day
      • 3-5yrs – $135/day

Included in Fee Structure: 

      • Nutritious seasonal meals based on a 4-week rotating menu. 
      • 6-12 Month Introduction to Solids Menu.
      • Educational Play Based and Intentional Teaching Programs.
      • Art Classes by our Artist in Residence for all age groups.  
      • Music and Movement Program for all age groups. 
      • Centre Based and Preschool Services.
      • School Readiness Program. 
      • Nappies, Wipes, Tissues and Toilet Training. 
      • Full Cream and Lite Milk. 
      • 6 Monthly Development Reports. 
      • ICT and Digital Resources. 
      • School Hats.

Centrelink entitlements such as the Child Care Subsidy are the family’s responsibility in auctioning and ensuring they are receiving their entitlements. These are only looked after by the family, due to confidentiality purposes.


For more information, please call us on 02 9450 1116 or send us a message.