Your child will discover a world of wonder and endless possibilities in the safe and nurturing environment at Terrey Hills Early Learning Centre

Our learning environments promote exploration, provocation and invitation to play, key aspects in our approach to early childhood learning and curriculum.

Our learning environments are designed around our natural and holistic approach to learning within the surroundings of our local Terrey Hills bushland and in conjunction to the Reggio Emilia philosophy.


Our environments were redesigned to be open, inviting environments filled with natural light and furnishings that value the child and embraces their individuality, creativity, and curiosity.


Combined with our philosophy, our environments are the child’s 3rd Teacher, where they represent a child centred approach to teaching, learning ad advocating for young children. Our learning rooms embrace the culture and strength of each age group of each child; where we encompass the child’s 100 languages within our learning approach.


For more information on registering for Terrey Hills Early Learning Centre, including key dates for 2023 registrations, please feel free to contact us below


7:00am - 6:00pm


(02) 9450 1116