At Terrey Hills ELC, we advocate for children’s rights and listen to their voices in matters which affect them. Our children have a voice now and that voice needs to be heard now. We embarked on a centre wide project that started by critically reflecting on how we enable children to make choices about matters that affect them. This led us to commence our Terrey Hills Junior Parliament journey. We have two Members of Parliament representatives from four of our eldest classes. We meet regularly to discuss social issues and children are involved in decision-making and policy making. Our children MPs have been responsible for many successes including, designing our outdoor space, polling for their chosen turtle to adopt, helping to make masks and donating them to our local community during the pandemic and making worry dolls for our local community during child protection week.

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Children smiling - Terrey Hills Early Learning Centre
Children in outdoor class - Terrey Hills Early Learning Centre

Children are born with rights including the rights to be consulted, heard and listened to in matters that affect them. Our educators offer opportunities for our children to collaborate, always vote and contribute to our parliamentary process.

“The art of teaching is the art of assisting discovery.”