Parent & Community involvement

To truly feel a sense of belonging as a child is to feel a shared emotional connectedness between their immediate world including their family, their community and their educators. Community has many contrasting meanings to different people. At Terrey Hills ELC we have endeavoured to ensure that every child and family is supported and feels central to the hub of our community. At Terrey Hills ELC, we have proven success with fostering authentic community partnerships. We have enjoyed sustained visits, excursions and incursions. Family involvement builds an important part of our educational program and relationships. We have regular visits from our families who are experts in their own fields or who love to share a hobby. When family members come in to share their occupation or interests with our children, we see a spark of awe, wonder and a captivating interest ignite in our children. We do have the best community here at Terrey Hills ELC.

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Kids in Music Class Activity - Terrey Hills ELC
Two kids smiling - Terrey Hills Early Learning Centre

Terrey Hills ELC has a dedicated Parent Committee, that meet monthly to discuss the service. Stakeholders like parents have the opportunity to provide feedback, and what they want their child’s service to be, it also creates a great sense of community and opportunity to improve all the time.

“Our task, regarding creativity, is to help children climb their own mountains, as high as possible. No one can do more.”